Be kind to your mind. That’s the public service announcement from the WHO. It’s the start of another month of 2020 and the pandemic is far from over. ...View Details

For people with disabilities, consumer sovereignty is a myth. When a new product enters the market, people with disabilities have to figure out how th...View Details

Today's episode features Ian Goulding, a household name in the CX world, an influential speaker and blogger, and a well-known customer experience spec...View Details

If you’re a podcast buff and are tuned into all things Asia, get excited, because today we’re gonna be Skyping with the host of Southeast Asia’s No1 p...View Details

Start with Art

In this week's episode of Design & Tell, Nidhi reviews some online art courses. Tune in to find out if it's worth your while to spend time and mon...View Details

JustCo With it

Phygital business will define the 'new normal'. Among these, coworking space providers such as JustCo have gone mainstream and are sprouting all over ...View Details

Today's episode features Jonathan Courtney, CEO of AJ&Smart, a digital agency based in Berlin. He speaks to Nisha about his new book, The Workshop...View Details

Designers to the Rescue

In our latest episode, Nisha introduces you to designers who're doing their bit to make life easier as we grapple with COVID-19. Prepare to be enlight...View Details

Khye-netic Energy

In this episode of Design & Tell, you'll hear a heart to heart between Nisha and Khye Chan, financial consultant, and content creator. His is an i...View Details

Keep Calm & Gary On

Nisha met (or rather e-met) Gary Vaynerchuk at a Q&A! And she lives to tell us the tale in our latest episode. Nisha and Nidhi go on to discuss ho...View Details

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